Aromatherapy Facials in Bridport

A relaxing, therapeutic facial using the finest handmade Oleo Bodycare products selected to suit your particular skin type.

Oleo Bodycare Facials are tailored towards achieving a clearer, smoother, softer and naturally radiant complexion. Olivia’s soothing massage technique leaves you (and your skin) feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Treatment Includes

CONSULTATION ~ to determine skin condition and ascertain treatment required.

SUPERFICIAL CLEANSE ~ to remove surface make-up, stale secretions and dirt.

DEEP CLEANSE ~ to remove ingrained impurities and gently stimulate healthy functioning of the skin, increase blood circulation and so aid absorption of cleanser so it can effectively dissolve make-up, secretions and dirt.

TONE ~ to remove residual grease and cleanser. Cools, freshens and refines the skin.

EXFOLIATION ~ removal of surface skin cells. Improves skin texture, removes skin blockages, increases cellular regeneration, increases absorption of products.

FACIAL MASSAGE (to include upper chest, neck and shoulders) ~ using plant-based oils and essential oils chosen to suit your particular condition. This has the benefit of:~

  • improving skin texture
  • soothing the nerves and inducing a feeling of relaxation
  • increasing circulation of blood and lymph to improve cellular nutrition and aid the removal of waste products from the tissues
  • making the skin appear smooth, clear and refreshed
  • easing tension nodules

MASK APPLICATION (includes hand or foot massage) ~ this treatment wil help to:~

  • deep cleanse and draw out impurities
  • nourish and refine
  • hydrate
  • calm and soothe
  • tighten and tone

MOISTURISE ~ selected according to skin type. This will:~

  • provide a barrier on the skin, preventing water evaporation
  • maintain skin suppleness
  • delays the formation of tiny lines

EYE CREAM ~ to hydrate and soothe

LIP BALM ~ to soften and moisturise

Aromatherapeutic Facial (1 hour) ~ £45.00

For enquiries or appointments: Phone ~ 01308 427651

Email ~ click this link

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