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shower gels bath soaks and body lotions from Oleo

Buying for your significant other on Valentines

This year will be the 14th consecutive Valentine’s day for myself and my lovely wife… and I have to admit I’ve reached a stage where I’m a little tired of falling back on wine and chocolates through a lack of advanced organisation.

body lotions bath soaks and shower gels from Oleo

2021 is already a bit different though - the really big fear though is that this year I can’t even pull out the last-minute dinner reservation from the bag… and I can’t even pop-out to the shops in the same way I normally might. So I really need to be a bit more organised and actually put some thought into something in advance.


Buying gifts for your significant other has always been fraught with danger. Ange will never let me forgot the year that her Christmas presents included some lovely new picture wire (Weak defence: she wanted picture wire. She told me she needed some picture wire. She was annoyed at not being able to hang pictures due to the lack of picture wire… so I brought her picture wire, and somehow ended up in the dog house, go figure!).

I’m definitely not taking the insane risk of buying either jewellery or clothing… so, if you’re willing to take advice from a man who once brought picture wire as a gift for his fiancé I’d like to provide the following Oleo related pointers:

  1. Don’t try and fix problems: this is probably not the time to buy your partner something to help with psoriasis.
  2. Go big on pampering: bath soak, massage oils, face masks, candles.
  3. Avoid the every-day: let’s all agree we should steer clear of hair conditioner for this one…
  4. Trust Olivia: this is well and truly the best advice I can give. Olivia has put together some lovely bundles below which take all the headache away from you. Just buy one of the bundles below and thank me later.

You’re welcome!

Posted on February 5th 2021

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