This week’s blog comes from Oleo convert, Mary, who reveals why essential oils and Oleo have helped keep her eczema at bay.

Eczema  can be an extremely uncomfortable and troublesome condition. As a sufferer myself, I know how frustrating an unexplained flare up can be. For months I can be eczema free, then one day, I will suddenly react and have trouble with dry angry skin for weeks.  I’ve found that trial and error is the best option for treating eczema. As my super sensitive skin can’t be cured of this inconvenience, I have developed a method that works for me and, for the most part, keeps my eczema under control. Natural products that contain nourishing essential oils are major players  in my eczema battling skin-care routine.

So firstly, why use essential oils? Doctors constantly tell me to keep away from fragranced products as they can irritate your skin; but, essential oils can actually help a lot! If you have eczema, your skin may not produce enough of its own fats and oils. This means your skin cells are unable to retain moisture and can result in dry, easily irritated skin. However, several essential oils can be effective in alleviating the itchy inflammation that comes with eczema; some of these include, helichrysum, neroli, rose and lavender. They’re particularly good for the job because of their skin cell rejuvinating properties.

Oleo’s ‘Soothing Body Lotion’ is a lovely blend of calming oils that can soften your skin and relieve eczema symptoms.

Chamomile, lavender and calendula essential oils all work together to heal, calm and soothe the skin leaving me feeling soft and comfortable. This also contains coconut oil (an ingredient everyone’s been raving about) which acts as a lovely natural moisturiser.I use this after every shower to prevent my skin drying out. Try not to have scolding hot baths or showers as this can dry your skin out further. This product is definitely worth a try if you’re bored of the medical scent of prescribed creams. Helen W has had similar a similar experience.

In addition to this, doctors commonly prescribe ‘Aqueous Cream’. All I can do is warn you away from this. Ever since I’ve stopped using Aqueous my skin has improved dramatically. I’m attributing this to the sole fact that this contains Sodium lauryl sulphate (a known skin irritant). Oleo does not use this is ANY of their products.

Oleo also make a (what I can only call magical) ‘Replenishing Facial Moisturiser’. If you’re dealing with a flare up on your face (I can sometimes get it around my eyes) or you get dry skin, this naturally luxurious moisturiser should sort it out in no time.

Featuring Neroli Oil to reduce redness, Rosehip Seed Oil to encourage skin regeneration and Rose oil to rejuvenate…this little pot packs a deeply moisturising punch! It’s no wonder it’s one of Oleo’s best sellers.

Final tips to keep in mind…

– Avoid biological washing powders/detergents. The enzymes used in these always cause me to react without fail

– Avoid spray on deodorant. The alcohol in these can cause a flare up. Try a natural deodorant such as Oleo’s ‘Fresh and Fruity Deodorant’.

– Don’t overuse prescribed steroid creams; they thin the skin and your skin could get withdrawal and flare up if you use them to often. Instead, be patient and try less harsh methods that take a little longer as I’ve described.

Overall, I find the best way to control my eczema is to remove irritants. This means being very wary that none of the products I buy contain any chemical nasties. For this reason, Oleo has been a miracle range as it does not use any parabens, synthetic fragrance/colours, sodium lauryl sulphate.

Please comment below what has/hasn’t helped with your eczema or skin irritation! I’m always eager to hear new advice.

Posted on March 24th 2015

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