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Moving Out of Lockdown

The outbreak of Covid-19 has disrupted normal life. With the imposed restrictions, our daily routines have had to change and, as a result, many of us are forming new habits as well as breaking old ones.

Widespread lockdown, it seems, has presented many of us with an unexpected opportunity to make positive changes to our lives.

So, now restrictions are easing, it would seem that a large number of us don't want to snap back to our old routines. However, with the best intentions, we can't rely on these habits sticking organically. Our behaviours are hugely influenced by our environment, and a lot of us will need an additional nudge to stick with new behaviours as routines and lives return to some kind of normality.

I am eternally grateful that Oleo, was not only able to carry on during lockdowns but actually thrived. Thanks to my army of ever-loyal customers, my online sales were better than ever.

My daily walks gained an additional purpose, as I discovered new areas of the town where I live while delivering Oleo orders to my lovely, local customers.

Months of isolation forced many people to work and socialise online. This period of our lives created the perfect environment for staring at our own pixelated pores via social media and Zoom. We got used to seeing each other without make-up, and there now seems to be much more focus on products that make us look fresh, healthy and alert. This is excellent news for you because the entire Oleo range of natural skincare does just that.

So how did Oleo help you during lockdowns and how can we help you moving forward?

Sales of our hand washes soared as a result of the importance of regular hand washing was emphasised. Continual use of (some very harsh) hand sanitisers, saw a surge in demand for our Rich Moisturising Hand Cream.

We also noticed an increase in sales of our beautifully therapeutic foam baths, quite possibly due to the fact that many people had more time to spend relaxing in the bath.

The recent award we received for our Stress Less Body Oil only goes to show that stress was a significant factor during the Covid pandemic. The carefully selected blend of essential oils can help to calm and relax our over-worried minds.

Concerns for our precious planet were also raised. I think consumers realised the importance of caring for the planet during a worldwide pandemic. To that end, Oleo introduced our PCR (post-consumer recycled) packaging - made from 100% already-used plastic, that can be recycled again and again.

No one likes to wear a face mask, but this became compulsory while indoors in public places. Consequently, something we have noticed at Oleo is an increase in breakouts around the chin area. Many of our customers have experienced this, and have also found help in the form of our Blemish Gel. It gently targets those unwanted visitors without drying the skin.

Unsurprisingly, companies struggled to survive during the pandemic, and sadly many went under. The fate of many smaller businesses was helped by consumer consideration to 'support local'. Indeed, since being able to trade again in my local Bridport street market, I am overjoyed to say that Oleo sales have rocketed. With the need for staycations, I am thrilled that I have actually been able to meet face to face several of my online customers who have been holidaying in beautiful West Dorset.

So, where do we go from here? I think self-care priorities - including a need for safe and ethical products - will stay strong. Consumer concerns about their personal health and the health of the planet is also utmost in people's minds.

It's not often that we have a moment to reflect and an opportunity to reset a range of individual behaviours for the better. Let Oleo be one of them.

Summer is here and restrictions are lifting. More than ever our futures are uncertain, but one reassuring constant is that Oleo is here to help you look the best you can - naturally.

Posted on July 20th 2021

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