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Perfecting Your Hair with Natural Products

High street hair care products can be full of synthetic chemicals that strip the natural oils from your hair and inadvertently dull your natural shine! That’s why it’s worth switching to a natural hair care routine to unlock your locks’ true potential!

This week, our professional Aromatherapist, Olivia, has let us in on some easy, inexpensive and natural hair remedies, as well as providing a more long-term solution in the Oleo range.


To treat dry hair coconut oil is an easy and inexpensive treatment. You can pick up a pot of coconut oil from any health food shop! If you’ve bought it in raw form just heat it up in your hands and smooth over your hair. If you have split ends pay special attention to these! Wrap your head in a warm towel and leave for 1 hour; if you’ve got the luxury of time even leave it in whilst you sleep. Afterwards, make sure you’ve washed it ALL out with a mild shampoo.  You can repeat this treatment once/twice a fortnight.


It doesn’t get better value than an egg! Beat an egg, rub it in and wash it out with cold water. Egg is a great conditioning treatment because they are full of nutrition and protein that can help to strengthen your hair. Just don’t leave it in for too long or it will set!


To add some extra shine to your hair rub sweet almond oil into your scalp and hair. Leave this in for 2 hours, then rub in natural yoghurt and leave in for 30 minutes then wash out with a mild shampoo! Sweet almond oil is particularly effective because it seals moisture in and all protects your hair. You can even use it to protect your hair from heat when blow drying and styling! Natural yoghurt, on the other hand, can not only accelerate hair growth; this is down to its protein richness as this provides nourishment without drying your hair, but the zinc and lactic acid can also stimulate blood circulation to promote hair growth!

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Mash one banana and 10ml of grapeseed oil. Then cover your head with clingfilm and leave for 30 mins. Grapeseed oil combats dandruff by deeply moisturising the scalp whilst the banana adds extra moisture. ( Click here for a great banana face mask recipe) 


A lot of blondes use lemon juice to bleach their hair lighter in the sunlight but chamomile is a lot more effective.  Mix 4 tablespoons of dry chamomile leaves with 100ml of water. Leave to stand for 20 minutes to let the leaves and water infuse. Apply the solution to your hair, leave for 20 mins then rinse off.

WALNUT RINSE- for brunettes

Infuse 100ml of water with 2 teaspoons of walnut leaves and 1 teabag (black tea). Allow to stand for 30 mins. Then apply to hair and leave for an additional 30 mins. Then shampoo and condition! This treatment is great for darkening and enriching your colour.

Lastly, we turn to Oleo’s award-winning Rosemary & Nettle Shampoo’.

Olivia has formulated the perfect shampoo and conditioner combo to keep your hair glossy and bouncy without stripping it of its natural oils. The nettle extract works to strengthen the hair whilst carefully selected essential oils work together to keep your hair in top condition. Stimulating Rosemary stimulates scalp circulation so, therefore, hair growth; gentle lavender soothes, promotes hair growth and smells amazing; balancing geranium strengthens your hair further. Combined with the conditioner, I have found that these products make my hair so soft and that it needs washing a lot less than usual.

rosemary and nettle shampoo from Oleo
Oleo shampoo
rosemary and nettle conditioner from Oleo
Oleo conditioner

Posted on December 18th 2017

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