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Rose Essential Oil, All You Need To Know!

Rose essential oil has an unmistakable intoxicating aroma, it’s rich, sweet and floral.

But aside from the unmistakable aroma, it has a number of benefits on both the body and the mind.  Both cooling and relaxing, it decreases sympathetic nervous system activity; while at the same time strengthening the parasympathetic nervous system.  This means that it increases feelings of vitality and creates a sense of relaxed well-being.

Rose can be useful for treating a wide range of stress-related conditions in adults and hyper-activity in children.  It has a low toxicity and is a delightful addition to the bath or as a massage blend, where it has excellent results in treating scarring.

This delectable aromatic oil is a great anti-depressant, helping to increase feelings of confidence. Rose essential oil has a tonifying effect on the vascular system and when added to skin creams and oils, it can help to treat broken capillaries.

And that’s not all!

a rose

It has a rejuvenating and healing effect on the skin and also has profound anti-inflammatory properties which can be used to treat dryness, inflammation and skin irritations.

Rose oil has excellent emollient, softening and hydrating properties which, accompanied by its stimulating and antiseptic qualities, make it ideal for all skin care, especially for mature, dry or sensitive skin.

Rosewater is also used in skin care for its soothing and mildly astringent properties.

If that’s got you thinking how you can incorporate this powerful essential oil into your body care, rose essential oil and rosewater are found in the following Oleo Bodycare products:

Replenishing Facial Moisturiser

Dry Skin Facial Oil

Soothing Facial Toner


and our Rose Petal cleansing balm 

rose petal cleansing balm from Oleo
rose essential oil

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Posted on September 21st 2018

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