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Stress Relief with Essential Oils

From time to time we can all experience stress and anxiety. Our busy lives can stop us taking a moment to step back, relax and look after our mental, as well as physical, health. Untreated stress can lead to an array of health problems on top of effecting your mood, so implementing an effective stress reduction strategy can make an incredible difference to your quality of life.

For centuries, different cultures have utilised the healing, therapeutic properties of essential oils. Here at Oleo we’re no different; we believe our formulations must benefit mind, body and overall well-being. In basic terms, essential oils help relieve stress because of their wonderful aroma. Now, this may sound silly, but within your nose there are millions of receptors that connect to the brain’s Limbic system, an area partially responsible for emotions. Therefore, the calming scent of the right, high-quality oils can leave you feeling much better. So before considering other options, give the natural power of essential oils a try as they can be extremely beneficial.

 Luckily for you, Oleo’s professional Aromatherapist, Olivia, has hand-picked the perfect selection of calming ingredients in several of her products. As a qualified massage therapist, she loves to use her own products due to their professional high-quality ingredients.

Oleo calming body oil


Not only does our beautiful body oil nourish your skin with moisturising and regenerative sweet almond, olive and rosehip seed oils; it’s also infused with relaxing essential oils to help you unwind. These wonderful tension easing essential oils include: Clary Sage; a warming, sedating oil which encourages a calm mindset. It is also brilliant at treating symptoms of stress such as nervous headaches and muscle tension; Lavender: A key balancing oil for helping release tension and calm nerves; Marojam:  a natural muscle relaxant that can also help to relieve insomina. All in all our calming body oil is the perfect relaxing treatment to have before a restorative sleep.


Oleo soothing body lotion

Our Soothing Body Lotion gently soothes dry or inflamed skin whilst calming you down with chamomile. Chamomile is great for alleviating stress, it’s an anti-depressant and a mild relaxant which can help to calm anxiety. Gentle Lavender essential oil is also at work in this lotion to relax you and restore mental well-being.

Oleo soothing body soak


Our Soothing Bath Soak can make those evening bubble baths aromatic and tranquil. Yet again, a wonderful combination of lavender and chamomile work their soothing magic. For the best results, use with the soothing body lotion.


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Posted on March 18th 2015

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