The Power of Neroli Essential Oil

Rejuvenating, relaxing and restoring, there’s no denying  neroli essential oil has a beautiful scent. But what really lies behind the power of this fragrant oil? Produced from the flowers of the bitter orange tree, also know as the Seville orange.

Both calming and uplifting, neroli’s main effect, in the long run, is relaxation and is one of the most effective anti-depressant essential oils.  People who feel exhausted, depressed and anxious will benefit as it aids sleep, promotes relaxation and helps to clear the mind while lifting the spirits. It can also have an aphrodisiac effect, helping create a romantic effect and increasing the libido. You have been warned!

As a topical application, the oil has very low toxicity and it’s rejuvenating properties make it useful for treating dry, mature skin, wrinkles and broken capillaries.  When used as part of a regular skin care routine, neroli improves elasticity, stimulates skin cell renewal, reduces thread veins, softens wrinkles and scars, and smells absolutely divine.

What more could you ask from an essential oil?

At Oleo we combine neroli essential oil in several of our skin care products to harness its beneficial properties.  Used as a complete facial care routine, it can be found in our Orange Blossom Cleansing CreamDry Skin Facial Oil and Replenishing Facial Moisturiser.

As neroli oil is slightly water soluble, the water remaining after the distillation of neroli essential oil contains traces of neroli oil.  This creates an orange flower water which has a natural hydrating and regenerating effect on the skin which making it perfect for refreshing and reviving dull, tired skin.

We use this fragrant water in Oleo’s Neroli Hydrating Spritzer. These are perfect to quench thirsty skin in between cleansing and toning or as refreshment for tired skin. Pop one in your holiday bag for post travel fatigue or work bag for a late afternoon pick me up. 

Neroli really is one of those double effect, scent and feel good essential oils which should form part of your natural beauty regime.

Posted on August 1st 2017

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