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Oleo Bodycare Gift Set
Oleo Bodycare Gift Set

The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Beauty Gifts This Christmas

Christmas resonates differently with everyone – some see it as a time for spiritual connection, others for celebration and joy. One thing that unites us all is the tradition of giving gifts. Navigating the perfect presents for vegans is simple with our Oleo Bodycare range. Our gifts are suitable for everyone, whether they follow a vegan lifestyle or simply appreciate conscientious skincare.

Beyond Typical Vegan Presents

Move beyond predictable vegan slogans on mugs or bags. The ideal vegan beauty gifts from our collection are sustainable, ethical alternatives to popular products. With the rise of ethical consumerism, finding a genuinely vegan and cruelty-free gift of the highest quality is seamless with our Oleo Bodycare products.

The Oleo Bodycare Ultimate Face Pack
The Oleo Bodycare Ultimate Face Pack

Indulgent Facial Skincare Gifts

Our Ultimate Face Pack is a dream for those devoted to plant-based facial care, complete with every essential item, from cleanser to mask. For specific skin types, our Face Packs for normal or dry skin are the perfect choice to delight and nourish.

Vegan Body Moisturisers & Bath Indulgences

The cold winter weather demands special care for the skin. Our vegan body moisturiser, paired with a luxurious foam bath, offers the perfect pampering gift. Our Hand and Body Treat combats dryness, starting with our fragrant Geranium & Orange Hand Wash followed by our best-selling Moisturising Hand Cream. Not to forget the full body experience, our Geranium & Orange Body Lotion serves as an invigorating vegan body moisturiser.

Oleo Bodycare Eau de Toilette Range
Oleo Bodycare Eau de Toilette Range

Shower Essentials for Every Mood

Our Shower Bag includes Winding Down and Exhilarating Shower Gels to cater to any preference, providing the ideal body cleansing experience whether it's to invigorate the morning or unwind in the evening.

Enchanting Fragrances

Christmas and perfume go hand in hand. Our range of Eau de Toilettes, from calming Neroli & Rosewood to the fresh Geranium & Orange and the mysterious Luscious, are bound to please any scent aficionado.

Tailored Gift Sets

At Oleo Bodycare, we encourage personalisation. Create a bespoke gift set from our product range to suit the unique preferences of the recipient:

  • Combine a room spray with a foot cream for total relaxation.
  • Pair a vegan body moisturiser with an after-shave balm for the perfect grooming duo.
  • Choose vegan hair care products and a diffuser for a complete aromatic experience.

Select as many or as few items as desired, and we'll ensure they are beautifully gift-wrapped, complete with a personalised handwritten message if requested.

Hand selected vegan Oleo Bodycare Gift Set
Hand selected vegan Oleo Bodycare Gift Set

Samples and Gift Vouchers

If you're unsure which items to pick, why not gift a selection of our samples? Or, for the ultimate flexible present, our gift vouchers allow the recipient to choose their own favourites from our range, perfect for last-minute gifts or those who enjoy choosing for themselves.

Choosing Oleo Bodycare means gifting ethically crafted, high-quality vegan products that are made with love, whether the recipient is vegan or not.

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Posted on November 7th 2023

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