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Oleo Bodycare Essential Oils
Oleo Bodycare Essential Oils

Using Essential Oils To Help During Exam Time

Sitting an exam can be one of the most stressful periods of time for teenagers and adults alike. Knowing you’ve got just a few hours to show you remember everything you’ve learnt during your time at school, college or university puts so much pressure. Just knowing that this is it, your chance to shine. Just the thought of it sends shivers down my spine!

But there are things you can do to help yourself or someone you know; making sure that there’s a calm, distraction free workspace, plenty of snacks available and any other worries are put aside are some of the things you can be do to help, but you can also go the extra mile by tapping into the wonderful powers of essential oils to ease exam stress.

Whether it’s utilising the calming and anxiety-reducing oils for those who are really struggling with nerves and finding the whole thing quite stressful. You can also opt for essential oils which aid memory and concentration. Or both! Here’s a collection which are used within the Oleo range, You could even put together an exam support package in preparation to see you or your child through.

young lady smelling essential oils before an exam to help calm nerves


Works on the nervous system and also has a balancing action, being both calming and uplifting. It can help to clear the head and aid concentration – good to use in an oil burner. It can also help to relieve headaches, especially those associated with stress and tension. Oleo’s Rejuvenating Rosewood Face Cream which can also be applied to the temples and wrists.


Primarily associated with the nervous system, where it imparts a calming and uplifting effect while at the same time increasing energy. Its ability to assist concentration indicates its long history of use as an incense and an aid to meditation. It can also be helpful in treating anxiety and tension; a few drops in an essential oil burner if you are feeling stressed, tired or overwhelmed. It is found in many Oleo products – Frankincense Day Cream, Luscious Bath Soak, Luscious Body LotionFrankincense & Palmarosa Face Mask, Blissful Body CreamRich Moisturising Hand Cream.

Rejuvenating Rosewood Face Cream
Rejuvenating Rosewood Face Cream
Blissful Body Cream from Oleo Bodycare
Blissful Body Cream
Rich Moisturising Hand Cream
Rich Moisturising Hand Cream


Has a relaxing effect, but is uplifting rather than overly sedating. It is beneficial for treating stress, nervous tension and related headaches. It can be found in the Winding Down Shower GelLuscious Bath SoakLuscious Body LotionGeranium & Orange Hand Wash and Geranium & Orange Body Lotion.


Very calming and sedative effect on the nervous system, helping to relieve insomnia, irritability and nervousness. Found in the Soothing Body Lotion and Soothing Bath Soak.

Geranium & Orange Hand Wash from Oleo Bodycare
Geranium & Orange Hand Wash
Blissful Body Cream from Oleo Bodycare
Blissful Body Cream
Before Bed Bath Foam from Oleo Bodycare
Before Bed Bath Foam

Sweet Marjoram

Has sedative properties which make it good for treating anxiety and insomnia. It has analgesic properties useful for headaches caused by stress. Found in the Ginger, Spike Lavender & Marjoram Massage Balm.


The most versatile of all essential oils. It is balancing and regulating. In the long run it does tend towards sedating or calming, although initially it has a reviving effect. Found in Soothing Body LotionSoothing Bath SoakRosemary & Nettle ShampooRosemary & Nettle ConditionerBlissful Body CreamRich Moisturising Hand Cream and Before Bed Bath.

vegan perfume from Oleo Bodycare


Calming but not necessarily sedative, as it also has an uplifting and strengthening effect. Geranium is a balancing oil, regulating in effect rather than overly sedative or stimulating. It is calming and cooling, which makes it useful for treating restlessness and anxiety. Blissful Body CreamRich Moisturising Hand CreamWinding Down Shower GelGeranium & Orange Hand Wash and Geranium & Orange Body Lotion.


Increases the circulation of blood to the brain and nervous system and can help to improve memory, concentration and mental alertness, so it is very good to use in a burner in any room where people are trying to concentrate. Found in Exhilarating Shower GelRosemary & Nettle ShampooRosemary & Nettle Conditioner.

All of these oils can be used in a burner, as a preparation for massage when diluted in a carrier oil, drops on a tissue to inhale or found in an Oleo Bodycare product.

Our award-winning vegan range are packed with essential oils, some of which can help immensely when we're under stress.

Choose cruelty-free, vegan skincare products. Choose Oleo Bodycare.

Olivia, Oleo Bodycare Founder

Posted on March 1st 2023

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