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Using Natural Remedies To Help You Sleep

As the evenings get lighter, you or a family member might be finding it more difficult to drift off to sleep. I know I struggle to nod off while the sun’s still out and the birds are singing and more often than not get woken up early next morning as that one tiny gap I left in the curtains lets the early morning sunrise through.

It’s not that I’m complaining, it’s lovely waking up to a bright sunny day, but with experts recommending a minimum of 6 hours unbroken sleep in order to function properly the next day, finding ways to pack in those precious hours can prove difficult sometimes.

Other than move to the continent and join the culture of siesta’s and catch up on the zzz’s you’ve been missing,  there are a few things which you can do to help you drift off; avoiding exercise an hour before bed, having a warm bath and a glass of warm milk laced with a teaspoon of manuka honey and avoiding tea and coffee after mid day are all reportedly said to help.

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You can also incorporate aromatherapy into your evening routine with many having sleep or calm inducing properties. Probably the best known oil for insomniacs is lavender.  It can be used in massage blends, bath oils, foam baths, room fragrancing, lotions, etc as it’s calming and sedating.

It works by calming cerebro-spinal activity.  Just a couple of drops on your pillow at night should help to induce sleep and it’s found in many Oleo products, but namely Soothing Bath SoakSoothing Body LotionBefore Bed Bath, Calming Body Oil, Lavender & Ylang Ylang Bath Oil, Blissful Body Cream.

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Marjoramisan excellent oil to use when a calming and relaxing effect is required.  The sedative properties of marjoram make it good for treating anxiety, insomnia and nervous debility it is found in the Oleo Calming Body Oil.

Clary Sage has a sedating effect and, when used in small amounts, it can create feelings of well-being and calmness.  It’s excellent for treating nervous tension and stress-related conditions and can cause drowsiness and so is excellent for helping to aid sleep.  Found in Oleo Winding Down Shower Gel, Before Bed Bath and Calming Body Oil.

Vetiver  the main action of vetiver is on the nervous system where it has a sedating effect.  It is excellent in the treatment of depression, nervous tension and insomnia you can find it in Oleo Before Bed Bath.

Roman Chamomile is a profoundly soothing and calming oil.  It has a sedative effect on the nervous system, helping to relieve insomnia and nervousness, the  Oleo Soothing Bath Soak and Soothing Body Lotion both contain Roman Chamomile

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So before you reach for the sleeping tablets, why not explore some alternative ways to drift off at night.

Posted on May 30th 2017

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