Warming Essential Oils For Colder Months


Essential oils can awaken your dulled senses and lift your spirits during the gloomy weather, and since many of them are antibacterial and antiviral they can help fight off winter ailments too. This is where aromatherapy  becomes the perfect tonic for the winter season.

Cold feet and hands? Warming essential oils such as black pepper, cardamon, clove bud, ginger, juniper berry, marjoram and rosemary are just right for you.

As well as being warming and stimulating, they’re also great at easing those every-day aches and pains such as a stiff back, which always feels much worse during the winter months. Try using them in a massage, after an essential oil bath, it’s one of the nicest (and laziest) ways to enjoy aromatherapy during the cold winter months.

We recommend Oleo Muscle Ease Body Oil, scented with the aromatherapeutic oils of sweet marjoram, rosemary and spike lavender. Or specially blended Massage Balms such as EucalyptusBlack Pepper & Rosemary or Ginger, Spike Lavender & Sweet Marjoram. Your dry, parched winter skin will soak up this rich balm, leaving your skin soft and silky smooth.

Our Muscle Ease Bath Soak is infused with warming essential oils of ginger, spike lavender and marjoram. There’s also our stress-busting, pain-relieving, body-warming Muscle Ease Bath Salts containing ginger, rosemary and black pepper essential oils.

As an extra treat, why not burn a warming and uplifting Orange and Clove Pot Candle while you relax.

If you’d rather create your own aromatherapy blends, here are some great choices;

Rosemary essential oil is warming, stimulating and good for treating cold extremities, cold and flu symptoms and aches and pains.

Sweet Marjoram essential oil is both relaxing and warming. Its analgesic properties are useful in treating muscular pains.

Black Pepper essential oil is a hot and drying oil and is suitable where there is coldness and depleted energy. Its warming properties make it particularly useful in treating respiratory conditions – coughs and colds. It acts as a stimulant to the circulatory system to treat poor circulation and cold hands and feet.

Ginger essential oil is excellent as a warming massage oil. Ginger encourages the body to produce heat and sweat and throw off fevers while acting as an expectorant.

Choose 3 oils from this list and add 2 drops of each to 10ml of your chosen carrier oil (such as sweet almond). Rub your blend vigorously into your frosty fingers, feet or wherever you’re feeling cold and you will feel a warm glow spread throughout your body as your circulation gets moving.

Or you could just treat yourself to our specially formulated cold feet remedy; our Ginger & Rosemary Foot Cream. Nourishing plant oils help to keep feet beautifully soft, while ginger essential oil warms your tootsies and rosemary helps to keep them pain-free.

Posted on October 29th 2017

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