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Why are vegan beauty products important?

100% natural vegan beauty products from Oleo

Vegan alternatives for everyone!

We’re a pretty easy-going bunch here at Oleo—but we do have a few strict rules. Firstly, we don’t use any ingredients that are tested on animals. In fact, all of the products in our range are palm oil-free and 100% vegan.

Now, there’re probably some misconceptions about the target demographic for vegan beauty products. There’ll be a minority out there who still think the average vegan soap shopper is the same kind of person who might stalk the red carpet at New York Fashion Week hurling insults at mink-wearing celebrities. Well, that just isn’t the case. As well as the moral implications of buying a product that doesn’t inflict unnecessary pain on animals—which, call us oversensitive, we think is a good thing—vegan alternative beauty products are practically bursting with benefits and should be enjoyed by all.

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Of all the products we apply to our skin—be it facial exfoliators, body creams or sugar scrubs—we absorb up to 60% of their contents. So, if the composition of that product is made up entirely of synthetic ingredients, jam-packed with preservatives, chemicals and skin-damaging toxins, that’s an alarming statistic! Do we really want to be soaking up that many artificial elements into our skin? Wouldn’t it make sense to absorb 60% of natural goodness instead? 

One obvious advantage of vegan beauty products— as well as the aforementioned absence of cruelty to animals (again, a good thing)—is that they do not contain any animal ingredients, animal by-products or animal-derived products. 

Perhaps the most common animal ingredients used in skincare are lanolin (derived from sheep’s wool), beeswax, carmine (red pigment made from crushed cochineal insects) and uric acid from cows. Until recently, our Massage BalmsHappy Lips and Intensive Dry Skin Balm all contained beeswax. In order to fully adopt an animal-friendly philosophy, we have since replaced every trace of beeswax with rice bran wax. In addition to being a skin-conditioning agent and protective wax that gives the balms a unique thickness and a silky, non-sticky texture, it also contains antioxidant properties.

Affordable and effective

But aren’t vegan products more expensive, I hear you ask? Well, perhaps not. With the increased popularity of vegan-based beauty products over the last few years, the cost has steadily been driven down. Here at Oleo, we offer very competitive prices; for a premium-quality, handmade body and skincare range, which uses only natural ingredients.

In terms of effectiveness, in reality, by removing animal ingredients, vegan products are much kinder to your skin— particularly if you’re someone with sensitive or condition-prone skin. Often, animal-based ingredients can cause irritation and clog pores. You’re much less likely to suffer from these issues with the vegan alternatives.

If that wasn’t enough, plant-derived ingredients in the majority of vegan formulas contain more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to repair and hydrate the skin, leaving it looking far healthier and more radiant. In the same way one can observe the benefits of switching to a more natural diet; so too can your skin profit from a vegan, non-synthetic beauty routine. Why not try it for yourself?

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Posted by Oleo Bodycare on May 27th 2020

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