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Why You Should Use Natural Deodorants

As somebody with sensitive and eczema prone skin, I’ve always struggled to find a gentle deodorant. For a while, a high street brand may be absolutely fine but this can quickly change and I can develop an allergic reaction. For this reason, I decided to experiment with numerous natural deodorants. After speaking to Oleo’s founder and professional Aromatherapist, Olivia, she gave me a run down of why I should ditch the chemical-laden antiperspirants.

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Most high-street brands rely on aluminum to keep your armpits fresh. The aluminium salts prevent you from sweating when the aluminium ions are drawn into the cells that line the sweat ducts. This can cause the cells to swell, squeezing the ducts closed so sweat cannot get out. As a result you can end up with sore lumps on your armpits. Even more worryingly, aluminum is a known neurotoxin that has been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimers.


Propylene Glycol is a common ingredient in popular deodorant and antiperspirant brands. This chemical is used to increase absorption, but has actually been shown to be a skin irritant and cause allergic reactions (even in low concentrations)!


Tricolosan is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial chemical that is regularly used in many personal care products. Research has associated this chemical with disrupting thyroid hormone function in animals. Additonally, it has been linked to allergy development (specifically hay fever).


Artificial fragrance poses further high risks of irritation! 60% of what we put on our skin enters our blood stream, so why would you even consider letting nasty synthetic chemicals enter your body. Stick to essential oils to give you a natural fragrance whilst also enjoying their aromatherapeutic benefits!


Although brands that use these chemicals have been tested for safe use, it is the risk of accumulation which makes these dangerous. Long-term exposure to chemicals such as aluminum stay in your body and can build up over time. It is this build up which can result in harming your body.

So, why take the risk? Alternatively,explore safe alternatives that are far less likely to block your pores or cause irritation.


With all the points in mind, Olivia has formulated her own ‘Fresh and Fruity Deodorant’! This gentle roll-on does not interfere with your body’s need to sweat. Sweating is a necessary function for your body to secrete toxins. Instead, this fast drying roll-on masks body odour with the fruity aromas of cypress, tea tree, may chang, lavender.

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Anti-bacterial, naturally occurring farnesol, lemon ester and deo stone crystal powder work to kill bacteria and care for this delicate area.

What experiences have you had with natural deodorants?

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What experiences have you had with natural deodorants?

Posted on February 15th 2017

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