Everything You Need To Know About Citrus Essential Oils


The next time that you eat a fresh orange, take a portion of the peel and squeeze it in half ensuring that the colourful side of the peel is on the outside, you’ll notice that the rind squirts a tiny quantity of an aromatic fluid.  That fluid is the essential oil.

It’s the rinds of citrus fruits which give them their highly aromatic and familiar aroma and most commercially available citrus essential oils are extracted by cold pressing the rinds of the citrus fruits. They are often associated with light, summery aromas, but are just as lovely to use during the colder months, helping to uplift the spirits as well as being energising.

Most of the citrus oils are generally regarded as top notes and help lift an aroma and brighten more earthy, deep aromas like patchouli or vetiver. Here’s a run down of the main citrus essential oils;


Sweet Orange Essential Oil (Citrus sinesnis) is often simply referred to as Orange Essential Oil or Orange Oil.  It is readily available and is amongst the most inexpensive of all essential oils.  It is energising and becoming widely used in commercial cleaners as it can help to naturally cut through grease.  Here at Oleo we are very fond of orange essential oil.  We use it in our Geranium & Orange Body Lotion and Hand Wash and Winding Down Shower Gel.


Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus limon) has a powerfully fresh traditional lemon fragrance that is quite energising and uplifting.  It is a good choice to diffuse when trying to clear a room of the smell of cigarette smoke or other unpleasant aromas. Lemon essential oil can be found in several Oleo products, including Gentle Facial Wash and Exhilarating Shower Gel.

Lime Essential Oil (Citrus aurantifolia) with the exception of floral Neroli Essential Oil, cold pressed Lime Essential Oil is the most aromatically potent of the fruity citrus oils – a little goes a long way.  Lime essential oil is well know in folklore for its ability to cleanse, purify and renew the spirit and the mind.  This zesty oil is an ingredient in Oleo’s Grapefruit, Mandarin & Lime Hand Wash.

Grapefruit Essential Oil (Citrus paradisi) grapefruit is known for its bittersweet, tart flavour.  However, although still possessing slightly tart characteristics, grapefruit essential oil is sweet-smelling, bright and uplifting.  An essential ingredient in our Grapefruit, Mandarin & Lime Hand Wash and also our super-effective Moisturising Foot Buffer.

Bergamot Essential Oil (Citrus bergamia) is amongst the more expensive of the cold pressed citrus oils.  Its aroma is reminiscent to that of orange, but it is more complex and almost has an underlying floral characteristic to it.  It can be helpful during periods of depression and is known for its ability to combat oily skin. Just a word of warning,  bergaptene is a naturally occurring chemical constituent found in Bergamot Essential Oil, and here at Oleo we use a bergaptene-free oil, so it is perfectly safe to use.  We add Bergamot Essential Oil to our Oleo For Men No. 9 Shaving Cream and After Shave Balm.

Mandarin Essential Oil (Citrus reticulata) is a favourite with children and parents.  Of all the citrus oils, mandarin is the sweetest and tends to be the most calming so is a good oil to use before bed.  It adds a lovely, fruity aroma to our Grapefruit, Mandarin & Lime Hand Wash.

Petitgrain Essential Oil (Citrus aurantium) though steam distilled from the same botanical species as neroli and bitter orange, petitgrain essential oil possesses its own characteristically unique aroma. It’s distilled from the leaves and twigs of the tree whereas Neroli Essential Oil is distilled from the blossoms.  It can be found in the Oleo For Men No. 9 Shaving Cream and After Shave Balm.

Neroli Essential Oil (Citrus aurantium var. amara) is the most costly of the citrus essential oils.  It’s steam distilled from the fragrant blossoms of the orange tree and is intensely floral, citrusy, sweet and exotic. We add this beautiful essential oil to our Orange Blossom Cleansing Cream and Replenishing Facial Moisturiser as it helps maintain moisture and oils on the skin.

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Frankincense is an essential oil that has been in demand since ancient times. From the Ancient Egyptians to traditional Chinese Medicine, Frankincense has an array of benefits which make it a wonderful addition to any treatment.


It has a sweet and spicy scent that adds a freshening note to any blend.



Frankincense is well known for its mood boosting properties. You can  experience this through a therapeutic massage, but its uplifting effects are best felt by adding it to an essential oil burner. Just a few drops in a burner will fill the room with the calming scent of Frankincense. By breathing this in, the nervous system is calmed whilst at the same time increasing your energy. It is for this reason that Frankincense has been used to assist concentration and aid meditation.


The rejuvenating properties of Frankincense essential oil make it a key addition to any anti-ageing formula. It is great at improving skin tone, treating ageing skin and reducing scar tissue. In short, it encourages your skin cells to regenerate more efficiently and hydrates your skin, therefore making it more supple and less prone to wrinkling.

Olivia has included Frankincense in many products throughout the Oleo range. If you’re looking to try out its benefits for yourself we’ve listed some recommendations below…


This light, moisturising day cream is the perfect daily moisturiser to apply before makeup. An expertly chosen blend of natural plant oils: jojoba, coconut, rosehip, evening primrose and protein-rich soya bean oil work in harmony to nourish the skin and improve your skin tone without leaving a greasy finish.


Frankincense and palmarosa essential oils are the perfect combination of anti-ageing ingredients. Palmarosa also stimulates cellular regeneration to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and tiredness. A facemask is an excellent way to draw impurites from the skin and give it a deeply nourishing treatment.


People say that you can tell a woman’s age by her hands, so it’s well worth taking extra care of them. This aromatic pot of hand cream is full of fragrant geranium, lavender and frankincense essential oils, but also uses vitamin E -rich Wheatgerm oil and vitamin A-rich carrot oils to care for dry or damaged skin.

Other Frankincense products include:





The Health Benefits Of Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense is traditionally burned as incense, and was charred and ground into a powder to produce the heavy kohl eyeliner used by Egyptian women.  Today, the resin is steam distilled to produce an aromatic essential oil with a huge array of benefits.

It’s woody, earthy, spicy and slightly fruity aroma is both calming and relaxing and is known for its comforting properties while being useful for visualising, helping induce a feeling of mental peace and relaxation and a relief for anxiety, anger and stress.

Frankincense oil may also help in healthy cell regeneration and keep existing cells and tissues healthy.  It is very beneficial for skin health, helping treat dry skin, reverse signs of ageing and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Which is why it features in many natural and essential oil based preparations.

The tonifying and rejuvenating properties of frankincense make it one of the most important oils for improving skin tone and treating ageing skin and wrinkles, as well as reducing scar tissue.  Because of this (and its captivating aroma) we use it extensively at Oleo Bodycare.  It can be found in our:- Frankincense Day CreamFrankincense & Palmarosa Face MaskLuscious Bath SoakLuscious Body LotionLuscious Eau de Toilette and for a great pick me up through out the day of to balance the mind before bed, try Oleo Rich Moisturising Hand Cream  or Blissful Body Cream

Bursting with nourishing oils to soften and protect dry hands with essential oils of geranium, lavender and frankincense.

Being a good multi all rounder, there are more health benefits of frankincense oil which are mainly attributed to its anti-inflammatory, astringent, antiseptic, disinfectant, digestive, diuretic and expectorant properties. It’s been shown to be useful for certain health conditions such as:

Arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis – research has found that frankincense can aid in inhibiting the production of inflammatory molecules, helping prevent the breakdown of the cartilage tissue that causes these conditions.

Colds and respiratory conditions – frankincense oil can help break up phlegm deposits in the respiratory tract and lungs.

Oral health problems – the antiseptic qualities of this oil can help prevent bad breath, cavities, toothaches and mouth sores.

Digestive disorders – frankincense oil can help speed up the secretion of gastric juices, bile and acids, and help stimulate peristaltic motion to allow food to move properly through the intestines.

Uterine health – frankincense oil regulates oestrogen production in women.  It helps to regulate the menstrual cycle of premenopausal women.

So next time you’re wondering what the meaning behind one of gifts those 3 wise men handed over, it was probably one of the most thoughtful of them all.

Ever wondered why the wise men brought frankincense as a gift? It has so many benefits which you can read about here;

Warming Essential Oils For Colder Months


Essential oils can awaken your dulled senses and lift your spirits during the gloomy weather, and since many of them are antibacterial and antiviral they can help fight off winter ailments too. This is where aromatherapy  becomes the perfect tonic for the winter season.

Cold feet and hands? Warming essential oils such as black pepper, cardamon, clove bud, ginger, juniper berry, marjoram and rosemary are just right for you.

As well as being warming and stimulating, they’re also great at easing those every-day aches and pains such as a stiff back, which always feels much worse during the winter months. Try using them in a massage, after an essential oil bath, it’s one of the nicest (and laziest) ways to enjoy aromatherapy during the cold winter months.

We recommend  Oleo Muscle Ease Body Oil, scented with the aromatherapeutic oils of sweet marjoram, rosemary and spike lavender. Or specially blended Massage Balms such as Eucalyptus, Black Pepper & Rosemary or Ginger, Spike Lavender & Sweet Marjoram. Your dry, parched winter skin will soak up this rich balm, leaving your skin soft and silky smooth.

Our Muscle Ease Bath Soak is infused with warming essential oils of ginger, spike lavender and marjoram. There’s also our stress-busting, pain-relieving, body-warming Muscle Ease Bath Salts containing ginger, rosemary and black pepper essential oils.

As an extra treat, why not burn a warming and uplifting Orange and Clove Pot Candle while you relax.

If you’d rather create your own aromatherapy blends, here are some great choices;

Rosemary essential oil is warming, stimulating and good for treating cold extremities, cold and flu symptoms and aches and pains.

Sweet Marjoram essential oil is both relaxing and warming. Its analgesic properties are useful in treating muscular pains.

Black Pepper essential oil is a hot and drying oil and is suitable where there is coldness and depleted energy. Its warming properties make it particularly useful in treating respiratory conditions – coughs and colds. It acts as a stimulant to the circulatory system to treat poor circulation and cold hands and feet.

Ginger essential oil is excellent as a warming massage oil. Ginger encourages the body to produce heat and sweat and throw off fevers while acting as an expectorant.


Choose 3 oils from this list and add 2 drops of each to 10ml of your chosen carrier oil (such as sweet almond). Rub your blend vigorously into your frosty fingers, feet or wherever you’re feeling cold and you will feel a warm glow spread throughout your body as your circulation gets moving.

Or you could just treat yourself to our specially formulated cold feet remedy; our Ginger & Rosemary Foot Cream. Nourishing plant oils help to keep feet beautifully soft, while ginger essential oil warms your tootsies and rosemary helps to keep them pain-free.

Using Essential Oils To Help During Exam Time

Easing Exam Time With Essential Oils

Sitting an exam can be one of the most stressful periods of time for teenagers and adults alike.  Knowing you’ve got just a few hours to show you remember everything you’ve learnt during your time at school, college or university puts so much pressure.  Just knowing that this is it, your chance to shine. Just the thought of it sends shivers down my spine!

But there are things you can do to help yourself or someone you know; making sure that there’s a calm, distraction free workspace, plenty of snacks available and any other worries are put aside are some of the things  you can be do to help, but you can also go the extra mile by tapping into the wonderful powers of essential oils to ease exam stress.

Whether it’s utilising the calming and anxiety-reducing oils for those who are really struggling with nerves and finding the whole thing quite stressful.  You can also opt for essential oils which aid memory and concentration. Or both! Here’s a collection which are used within the Oleo range, You could even put together an exam support package in preparation to see you or your child through.

Why not utilise the powers of essential oils known for their calming and concentration boosting properties to creat the perfect exam support package. This Set from Oleo uses the purest essential oils and is hand blended in Bridport Dorset, click on the link for how to buy


works on the nervous system and also has a balancing action, being both calming and uplifting.  It can help to clear the head and aid concentration – good to use in an oil burner.  It can also help to relieve headaches, especially those associated with stress and tension.  Oleo’s Rejuvenating Rosewood Face Cream  which can also be applied to the temples and wrists.



is primarily associated with the nervous system, where it imparts a calming and uplifting effect while at the same time increasing energy.  Its ability to assist concentration indicates its long history of use as an incense and an aid to meditation.  It can also be helpful in treating anxiety and tension; a few drops in an essential oil burner if you are feeling stressed, tired or overwhelmed.  It is found in many Oleo products – Frankincense Day Cream, Luscious Bath Soak, Luscious Body Lotion, Frankincense & Palmarosa Face Mask, Blissful Body Cream, Rich Moisturising Hand Cream.



has a relaxing effect, but is uplifting rather than overly sedating.  It is beneficial for treating stress, nervous tension and related headaches.  It can be found in the Winding Down Shower Gel, Luscious Bath Soak, Luscious Body Lotion, Geranium & Orange Hand Wash, Geranium & Orange Body Lotion, Geranium & Orange Bath Oil.



has a very calming and sedative effect on the nervous system, helping to relieve insomnia, irritability and nervousness.  Found in the Soothing Body Lotion, Soothing Bath Soak.



is the most versatile of all essential oils.  It is balancing and regulating.  In the long run it does tend towards sedating or calming, although initially it has a reviving effect.  Found in Soothing Body Lotion, Soothing Bath Soak, Rosemary & Nettle Shampoo, Rosemary & Nettle Conditioner, Calming Body Oil, Blissful Body Cream, Rich Moisturising Hand Cream, Before Bed Bath, Lavender Diffuser.

This hand cream is created using frankincense, lavender and geranium. Calming and uplifting it can clear the head and aid concentration.

Sweet marjoram

has sedative properties which make it good for treating anxiety and insomnia.  It has analgesic properties useful for headaches caused by stress.  Useful to massage with the Oleo Calming Body Oil.



 is calming but not necessarily sedative, as it also has an uplifting and strengthening effect.  Geranium is a balancing oil, regulating in effect rather than overly sedative or stimulating.  It is calming and cooling, which makes it useful for treating restlessness and anxiety.  Blissful Body Cream, Rich Moisturising Hand Cream, Winding Down Shower Gel, Geranium & Orange Hand Wash, Geranium & Orange Body Lotion, Geranium & Orange Bath Oil.



increases the circulation of blood to the brain and nervous sytem and can help to improve memory, concentration and mental alertness, so it is very good to use in a burner in any room where people are trying to concentrate.  Found in Exhilarating Shower Gel, Rosemary & Nettle Shampoo, Rosemary & Nettle Conditioner.


All of these oils can be used in a burner, as a preparation for massage when diluted in a carrier oil, drops on a tissue to inhale or in an Oleo product.
Why not utilise the powers of essential oils known for their calming and concentration boosting properties to creat the perfect exam support package. This Set from Oleo uses the purest essential oils and is hand blended in Bridport Dorset, click on the link for how to buy
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GERANIUM ESSENTIAL OIL – All You need to know

This week professional Aromatherapist, Olivia, is paying special attention to a vital essential oil in the Oleo range, Geranium. The magic qualities of Geranium should be utilized in everyone’s skincare routine as its wide array of properties make it suitable for all skin types!


Geranium essential oil has a powerful, sweet, green, floral smell with a fruity-minty undertone.  A dash of Geranium essential oil in any product you use will leave you smelling gorgeous! Oleo converts love the fruity scent of Geranium in our ‘Geranium and Orange Handwash‘!  I’ve even used it in the shower because it smells so good!

Green blogger, Helen, from Love and Loathes also loved our ‘Rich Moisturising Hand Cream’ for it’s fruity fragrance, a hydrating pick me up for her gardening hands! (You can read her review here Oleo hand cream)

Rich and fragrant geranium, lavender and frankincense hand cream blended using the highest quality aromatherapy oils from the Oleo body care range

STRESS RELIEVING:  Geranium has a wonderful calming effect, but is not necessarily sedative. In addition to this, Geranium is a balancing oil which will leave you feeling balanced and restored.  The action of geranium on the nervous system is calming and cooling, which makes it useful for treating restlessness and anxiety. So, if you’re really looking to relieve tension, including Geranium in a massage blend is ideal. Take your relaxation one step further by getting all the benefits from a professional massage with Olivia herself!

MENOPAUSE: Believe it or not, Geranium is great for treating menopausal symptoms including hot flushes! The cooling and calming effect can help restore you back to nature!

SKINCARE:  Geranium has an excellent reputation in the skin care industry and for a good reason too! It has a balancing effect on sebum secretion (sebum is the natural oil your skin produces to keep your skin hydrated and healthy). Too much sebum can result in oily skin which can lead to spots and blackheads, so Geranium essentail oil is an ideal preventative measure.

ACNE: Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties mean that Geranium is great for treating acne! Our ‘Light Cleansing Lotion‘ is ideal for battling acne. The nourishing combination of sunflower, coconut and sweet almond oil work to remove grime and makeup with ease, without stripping your skin of its natural oils… not forgetting the wonderful balancing properties of Gernanium already mentioned! Apply this lotion morning and night and you’ll be on your way to a healthy complexion in no time!


light cleansing lotion

To get the best results, use our ‘Light Cleansing Lotion’ in combination with our ‘Light Facial Moisturising Cream’. This is a great moisturiser for daily wear as it is quickly absorbed into the skin but still has a deep moisturising effect!

DRY/INFLAMED SKIN: The soothing and calming effect of Geranium can be very effective in treating dry/ inflamed skin. Our ‘Geranium & Orange Body Lotion’ brings out these benefits in a a special formula.

Geranium and orange body lotion from Oleo Bodycare which uses pure geranium essential oil which are hand blended in Bridport, Dorset

 Combined with relaxing, yet uplifting orange and moisturising sunflower, jojoba, almond and coconut oil this lotion is great to seal in moisture after a shower. For a richer, more luxurious experience try our ‘Blissful Body Cream‘. This whipped body cream features a blend of lavender, geranium and frankincense essential oils. Smooth this nourishing cream over your skin and you’ll be left silky smooth and fragrant!

Let us know about your favourite essential oils in the comments!



This week’s blog comes from Oleo convert, Mary, who reveals why essential oils and Oleo have helped keep her eczema at bay.

Eczema  can be an extremely uncomfortable and troublesome condition. As a sufferer myself, I know how frustrating an unexplained flare up can be. For months I can be eczema free, then one day, I will suddenly react and have trouble with dry angry skin for weeks.  I’ve found that trial and error is the best option for treating eczema. As my super sensitive skin can’t be cured of this inconvenience, I have developed a method that works for me and, for the most part, keeps my eczema under control. Natural products that contain nourishing essential oils are major players  in my eczema battling skin-care routine.

So firstly, why use essential oils? Doctors constantly tell me to keep away from fragranced products as they can irritate your skin; but, essential oils can actually help a lot! If you have eczema, your skin may not produce enough of its own fats and oils. This means your skin cells are unable to retain moisture and can result in dry, easily irritated skin. However, several essential oils can be effective in alleviating the itchy inflammation that comes with eczema; some of these include, helichrysum, neroli, rose and lavender. They’re particularly good for the job because of their skin cell rejuvinating properties.

Oleo’s ‘Soothing Body Lotion’ is a lovely blend of calming oils that can soften your skin and relieve eczema symptoms.


soothing body lotion


Chamomile, lavender and calendula essential oils all work together to heal, calm and soothe the skin leaving me feeling soft and comfortable. This also contains coconut oil (an ingredient everyone’s been raving about) which acts as a lovely natural moisturiser.I use this after every shower to prevent my skin drying out. Try not to have scolding hot baths or showers as this can dry your skin out further. This product is definitely worth a try if you’re bored of the medical scent of prescribed creams. Helen W has had similar a similar experience.

In addition to this, doctors commonly prescribe ‘Aqueous Cream’. All I can do is warn you away from this. Ever since I’ve stopped using Aqueous my skin has improved dramatically. I’m attributing this to the sole fact that this contains Sodium lauryl sulphate (a known skin irritant). Oleo does not use this is ANY of their products.

Oleo also make a (what I can only call magical) ‘Replenishing Facial Moisturiser’. If you’re dealing with a flare up on your face (I can sometimes get it around my eyes) or you get dry skin, this naturally luxurious moisturiser should sort it out in no time.


replenishing facial moisturiser from Oleo body care

Featuring Neroli Oil to reduce redness, Rosehip Seed Oil to encourage skin regeneration and Rose oil to rejuvenate…this little pot packs a deeply moisturising punch! It’s no wonder it’s one of Oleo’s best sellers.

Final tips to keep in mind…

– Avoid biological washing powders/detergents. The enzymes used in these always cause me to react without fail

– Avoid spray on deodorant. The alcohol in these can cause a flare up. Try a natural deodorant such as Oleo’s ‘Fresh and Fruity Deodorant’ 

– Don’t overuse prescribed steroid creams; they thin the skin and your skin could get withdrawal and flare up if you use them to often. Instead, be patient and try less harsh methods that take a little longer as I’ve described.

Overall, I find the best way to control my eczema is to remove irritants. This means being very wary that none of the products I buy contain any chemical nasties. For this reason, Oleo has been a miracle range as it does not use any parabens, synthetic fragrance/colours, sodium lauryl sulphate.

Please comment below what has/hasn’t helped with your eczema or skin irritation! I’m always eager to hear new advice.


Stress Relief with Essential Oils

From time to time we can all experience stress and anxiety. Our busy lives can stop us taking a moment to step back, relax and look after our mental, as well as physical, health. Untreated stress can lead to an array of health problems on top of effecting your mood, so implementing an effective stress reduction strategy can make an incredible difference to your quality of life.

For centuries, different cultures have utilised the healing, therapeutic properties of essential oils. Here at Oleo we’re no different; we believe our formulations must benefit mind, body and overall well-being. In basic terms, essential oils help relieve stress because of their wonderful aroma. Now, this may sound silly, but within your nose there are millions of receptors that connect to the brain’s Limbic system, an area partially responsible for emotions. Therefore, the calming scent of the right, high-quality oils can leave you feeling much better. So before considering other options, give the natural power of essential oils a try as they can be extremely beneficial.

 Luckily for you, Oleo’s professional Aromatherapist, Olivia, has hand-picked the perfect selection of calming ingredients in several of her products. As a qualified massage therapist, she loves to use her own products due to their professional high-quality ingredients.

calming body oil from Oleo


Not only does our beautiful body oil nourish your skin with moisturising and regenerative sweet almond, olive and rosehip seed oils; it’s also infused with relaxing essential oils to help you unwind. These wonderful tension easing essential oils include: Clary Sage; a warming, sedating oil which encourages a calm mindset. It is also brilliant at treating symptoms of stress such as nervous headaches and muscle tension; Lavender: A key balancing oil for helping release tension and calm nerves; Marojam:  a natural muscle relaxant that can also help to relieve insomina. All in all our calming body oil is the perfect relaxing treatment to have before a restorative sleep.


soothing body lotion

Our Soothing Body Lotion gently soothes dry or inflamed skin whilst calming you down with chamomile. Chamomile is great for alleviating stress, it’s an anti-depressant and a mild relaxant which can help to calm anxiety. Gentle Lavender essential oil is also at work in this lotion to relax you and restore mental well-being.

soothing bath soak


Our Soothing Bath Soak can make those evening bubble baths aromatic and tranquil. Yet again, a wonderful combination of lavender and chamomile work their soothing magic. For the best results, use with the soothing body lotion.


We’ll let the review speak for itself…

In addition to all these therapeutic products, which you can use at home, Olivia offers Aromatherapy massage. Not only do you get to benefit from the wonderful properties of essential oils, you also get a tension relieving massage.

Have essential oils help to alleviate your stress? Tell us about your experiences…

choose the right products for the ultimate stress relief home massage routine