Body Oils

From detoxing and de-stressing, to relaxation and muscle-easing, this aromatherapeutic range of richly nourishing body oils will treat not only your mind and body, but give you silky smooth skin too.

The art of massage is the ultimate cure for stress, nervous tension, aching muscles and for creating a feeling of well-being. An oil helps the hands glide over the skin and these body oils are formulated to have moisturising and therapeutic properties.  As with all Oleo products, they are entirely plant based. Our body oils are ideal for self massage or, even better, get someone to give you a massage.

General Tip for Using our Body Oils

  • To obtain the best results from your chosen body oil, prepare your skin first. Use a body exfoliator (such as our Lavender & Ylang Ylang Sugar Scrub or dry brush your skin with our Body Brush). This removes dead skin cells leaving your skin ready to absorb the oils.

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