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Vegan Hand Creams and Foot Creams

Hands and feet are our hard-working extremities and deserve pampering with a little extra care and attention. The skin that covers our hands and feet is much thicker than elsewhere on the body. This provides them with important protection during their arduous daily tasks, but can sometimes result in a build-up of rough, chapped skin.

Our hands especially are always out on the constant show and are continually exposed to the elements. Washing them in harsh, chemical-laden soap strips away their natural oils, leaving them rough and wrinkled.

Our feet come under a different kind of pressure as they carry our weight around all day, often squeezed into tightly fitted footwear. During winter months the skin on our feet may go for months without being allowed to breathe properly.

After washing your hands in our aromatic, gentle hand wash, slather your hard-working hands with our softening, Rich Moisturising Hand Cream to keep them looking and feeling great.

Your feet deserve to be treated well. Rejuvenate, heal and moisturise them with our pure essential oil, and plant-based, vegan preparations.



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