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Home Fragrance

Instantly transform your home and mood with our natural diffusers, candles and room sprays.

These offer a clean, safe and effective way of fragrancing your environment.

When we breathe, the tiny molecules of essential oils stimulate odour receptors situated at the base of the nose. These receptors are directly connected to the limbic system part of the brain.  This area is responsible for emotions, moods and memory.

In this way, the properties of essential oils have the power to affect our moods in a positive and balancing way.



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The Oleo Home Fragrance Range

Essential oils can also be used to stop germs from spreading and to purify the air that you breathe.

You can use our diffusers and room sprays to freshen the air and neutralise unwanted cooking smells, tobacco smoke etc.  In our environmentally aware society, using essential oils instead of aerosols containing harmful chemicals is a very positive step to safeguarding our precious planet.

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