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Vegan Body Moisturisers & Lotions

Almost everyone experiences dry skin on their bodies at some point. This is particularly prevalent during the summer with the drying effects of the sun, and again in the winter when the temperature starts to fall and we crank up the indoor heating. No one likes having dry, flaky skin on display, so extend your pampering regime with one of our Vegan Body Moisturisers & Lotions. They are packed with essential oils and moisturising plant-based ingredients to nourish and fragrance your skin leaving it soft and silky smooth. There is no stickiness or waiting for the lotion to be absorbed. They are lightweight, super-hydrating formulas that your parched skin will thank you for.



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Essential Oils


Fall in love with our Vegan Body Moisturisers

As prevention is better than cure, avoid dry skin by making body lotion a staple in your daily routine year-round — not just in the summer and winter.

Packaged in our PCR 100 (100% Post-Consumer Recycled) bottles, so you're not only caring for yourself but the environment too.

All of our body moisturisers and lotions are cruelty-free and suitable for vegans. We only use vegan ingredients that are kind to your skin and the environment.

What our customer say

Our range of vegan skincare and body care products have been reviewed by hundreds of customers. So, if you want to hear what our customers think of our vegan body moisturisers & lotions, here's what they have to say:

Soothing and moisturising and readily absorbed

"I’ve been using this lovely lotion since first sampling Olivia’s delightful market stall in Bridport. I have extremely dry skin and this lotion is very soothing and moisturising and readily absorbed – and smells gorgeous. Since then I have tried various other excellent products – and also her wonderful massages."

- Christine

Fantastic smell, wonderfully moisturising

"I have to buy this product in bulk as my skin loves it so much I almost get withdrawal symptoms if I run out of it! Fantastic smell, wonderfully moisturising – and most importantly, this lotion has controlled my eczema more than anything else I have ever…"

- Helen

I keep coming back to this

"I absolutely love this delicious sweet-smelling lotion. The perfume lingers and skin is beautifully moisturised. I keep coming back to this."

- Angela

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