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Reed Diffusers

For a fragrance that you can smell every time you walk by, it's got to be a reed diffuser. Our reed diffusers are made with a vegetable-derived reed base oil that is alcohol-free, so it's non-flammable. They contain only pure essential oils and natural rattan reeds. No animal-derived ingredients are used, so they are vegan friendly.

They require very little effort from you. All you need to do is turn the reeds every now and then.  You can control how much scent is released when using a reed diffuser - add more reeds to the bottle for a stronger scent, remove to make it more subtle. Over time you will find that your rattan reeds become clogged with the oil, so we also sell replacement rattan reeds in packs of ten.  Your diffuser will continue to provide an aromatic ambience for approximately 12 weeks - depending upon the warmth and airflow of where it has been placed.

There's bound to be a scent that appeals to you. We have floral and fruity to woody and musky scents. Or you can switch your scents between seasons or choose an aroma that relaxes or one that is uplifting. There's one for every room or taste.



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