Why Buy From Us

Why buy from us? We know it’s difficult to buy something unknown and untried on the internet. It does require a leap of faith. So we have listed some reasons that we think might help you decide to have faith in Oleo.

  • The products really are amazing and they work. (Check the reviews from our satisfied customers).
  • The quality of these products at these prices will be very hard to beat.
  • Our service is as fast as we can make it. (If you order in the am, we will try to despatch in the pm).
  • All products have passed a safety assessment by an independent chemist. A legal requirement. (Keep this in mind when shopping in markets or on line for skin care)
  • Olivia is passionate about aromatherapy, so only 100% pure essential oils are used. (You will know this when you touch and smell Oleo products)
  • You have our promise that if you are not completely satisfied and delighted with any Oleo product a full refund will be given. (See terms & conditions)
  • Olivia is an expert in aromatherapy and with a wealth of knowledge in skin care, so if you have a question use the email address in ‘Contact Us’. (All in confidence)

We Recommend

Here at Oleo we make around 50 products, that’s a lot of reading. So here are 5 products we recommend as a great introduction to Oleo Bodycare and affordable indulgence.

Replenishing Facial Moisturiser. For very dry facial skin. It has the amazing aroma of rose and neroli essential oils.
Luscious Body Lotion. Enriching and nourishing, with the lingering scent of frankincence and cedarwood, among others.
Intensive Dry Skin Balm. For the treatment of extremely dry skin wherever it occurs. Needless to say, it smells great too.

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